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Project Examples

Market Segment Analysis

Our client required a market overview and specific market segment data for their product categories for the Mexican Automotive Aftermarket.  CIMA International provided a complete Mexican Automotive Aftermarket analysis including, vehicles in operation, overall market size in dollars, distribution mapping from manufacturer to end user, major distributors and retailers by distribution segment.  Additionally, CIMA provided pricing information, estimated volumes, target clients by geographic territory and forecasted revenue specific to the clients product categories.

Brand Awareness Study Example

A global automotive O.E. and Aftermarket manufacturer requested an assessment of their automotive aftermarket brands commercialized in Mexico.  Cima International provided a report identifying the top brands for each of this clients product offering in Mexico; as well as, brand recognition by region and territories and Top of Mind brands by product type.  This report clearly identified the areas of strength already possessed by the client in Mexico; as well as, the areas which needed additional focus and support to continue to grow.

Mergers & Acquisition Support

Cima International advised a global parts manufacturer through the analysis phase of a potential acquisition of a $1Billion company.  Activities included an independent market analysis of the products offered by the potential acquisition firm to confirm or modify actual market share / sales potential vs. information disclosed in the company acquisition book.  Additional focus was required to assess both actual market conditions combined with political issues in several countries to properly assess appropriate moving forward potential risk and success factors.  Cima International provided an estimated market value of the potential acquisition as an independent third party.

Sales Representation

Cima International LLC has represented manufacturers in the U.S. and Mexican automotive aftermarket, Mexican OE Automotive market and the Mexican aerospace market.  Our bilingual and bicultural staff understands how to sell product on both sides of the border.  Our relationships with wholesale and retail distributors of automotive product in Mexico allow us entrance into any of the top 35 retailers and wholesalers which represent over 85% of the total market.

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